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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 14 day free trial without the need to add a credit card.

Do you charge per user or credits?

We do not charge per user or credits, whatever the plan you will use you can add unlimited users or extract unlimited data.

Is this tool GDPR compliant?

All Halent's data processor providers have been checked to be all GDPR-compliant (Cloudflare, Amazon, Stripe). All Halent’s data is held on servers hosted in the United States. Servers are hosted by Amazon (a US-based company). If your company requires a DPA please contact to get your Data Processing Addendum (DPA) related to your company. We will send you the DPA and we will ask you to sign it and send it back.

How can I cancel my subscription? Is there a contract?

You can cancel at anytime your subscription directly in your account or by asking us to cancel it over the chat support. There is no contract for subscription, you are free to cancel and re-subscribe when you want.

Why is your software so cheap compared to alternatives?

We believe every business out there needs to have access to proper software to reach their sales goals without any compromises.